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  The Northern Ireland Organophosphorus Sufferers Association is chaired by Ernie Patterson who can be contacted via the website.


 The farmworkers union Unite provides advice to their members, contact via their website or Matthew Belsey or Steve Leniec though this one.


  The CLA have helped some of their members through their regional offices.


 Help is also provided by FCN and RABI.


 Excellent advice available from MCS-Aware at:


 Sheep dip poisoning is not just a UK issue and in Australia help is available through ACTA  Beyond the the Toxic Harvest was written by one sufferer interviewed 6 minutes in here


Many people in occupations other than agriculture have been affected by organophosphates.

 Possibly the best known are pilots and air cabin crew represented by Aerotoxic Association

 Over a quarter of the 700,000 U.S. military personnel who those who served in the First Gulf War 1990-91 are recognised as suffering from Gulf War Illness now shown as being caused by OPs (used for insect control) and PBs (to protect against gas exposure). They have proved to be a useful study group advancing our understanding of the effects OPs have on the brain and prompted pioneering research with functional MRI scans to help with with diagnosis and treatment. [In contrast our UK troops who served alongside them are not recognised as being poisoned but assumed suffering from Gulf War Syndrome, a psychological disorder. Help for them is available from NGVFA at ]


 Information on most pesticide issues is available through the  Pesticide Action Network and help from the  UK Pesticide Campaign