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Brenda Sutcliffe (1939-2017)


   For many sheep dip sufferers in the North of England the battle for recognition became synonymous with Brenda Sutcliffe and Sheep Bank farm Littleborough near Oldham.

  Brenda, her late husband Harold, their two sons and farm helpers were all affected (at times registering blood cholinesterase levels in single figures) but recovered sufficiently to help around 150 other farming families.


  Brenda spent years investigating possible links between OP use and BSE in cattle, much of it published in her Cause and Effect booklets listed below (paper copies of some are still available on request)

 During a debate on organophosphates in the House of Lords in 2009 Lord Greaves said:                           "My interest in OPs, particularly sheep dips, came about a bit less than 10 years ago when Chris Davies MEP took me up a track on the Saddleworth moors to see Mrs Brenda Sutcliffe, an equally doughty campaigner on OPs in a rather different way, bashing away on what was then her manual typewriter. She is still there and still campaigning, and long may she do so as long as this issue needs resolving". 

  Brenda passed away on 18th Jan 2017.


Cause and Effect Vol 1

Cause and Effect Vol 2

Cause and Effect Vol 3

Cause and Effect Vol 4


 Brenda interviewed by Mark Metcalf in 2011