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OP Information Network




  OPIN had its origins in the South West Environmental Protection Agency (SWEPA) which campaigned on many issues (including the Camelford water pollution incident) but by 1992 it was realised organophosphate poisoning was so severe it merited an organisation of its own.


  OPIN has been described as a liaison group of representatives in the fields of medicine, science, law and politics, with the backing of trades unionists with a database of 750 sufferers (which formed the basis of subsequent DEFRA research)


  The driving force behind OPIN was the inspirational Elizabeth Sigmund whose campaigning help halt the production of chemical weapons at Nancekuke in Cornwall in 1970s

(documented in her book Rage Against the Dying)


  In 2015 Elizabeth co-wrote a biography on Sylvia Plath's time in Devon 1961-2.

  (available here)


 Sadly Elizabeth passed away in January 2017