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 Zuckerman report (via Richard Bruce) (1951)

HSE 1990 Dipping survey     with comments

Army memo 1991

HSE 1992 Diping survey      Appendix 2

National Poison Unit study (1992)

Advice to Minister on ending complusory dipping April 1992 

National Poison Unit study (1993)

Guys results May to June 1993

Countryfile 8th Nov 1992   (part 2)

VPC meeting 25th March 1993

MAFF News Jan 92, April 93, May 93, Dec 93

HSE stickers (April 1993)    Poster

NFU/BMA conference report (1995)

Dangerous Dips by Michael Meacher (1996)

Hollis in FW July 1997, resonse fron Sigmund, others, Booker and reply

BBC Panorama 'the Chemical Sythe' (1997)

Royal Colleges report (1998)    text   summery


"Pesticide carried in vans with food "

"Driver poisoned by toxic chemical in delivery of seeds"

BBC Scotland 'War of Nerves' (2002)

 OPUS conference report May  2002

Organophosphates Report by John Harvey (2004)

 'Scared to Death' by Christopher Booker p.410-452 (2007)

reviews of OPs: UK, Canada, Japan, Chile

British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing