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We are a group of volunteers campaigning for better diagnosis and treatment for all those affected by organophosphates used in agriculture. 

We have no membership subscription or outside funding and rely mostly on the collective experience of those who have been bravely battling against the devastating effects of these chemicals for decades.

We hope 2019 will be the year when the farming community comes to realise the impact these insecticides have had on those involved in disease control and that they finally start to get the help and support they urgently need.


Appeal for information:

Could anyone who had blood samples at Guys hospital, bone samples taken at Nottingham or involved in the OP litigation (especially if they were at the final meeting on 17/10/00) please get in touch. 

Latest News:

 We have ben asked to present on Jan 4th at the Oxford Real Farming Conference on the subject of OPs 'From Sheep Dip to Salisbury' preview here.