What can you expect from your GP?


The problem with GPs is that they are not trained to look for toxicological (poisoning) as a cause of illness.


 You may be referred to the Poison’s Units (now called Medical Toxicology

Units). The Poison’s units have not made a single diagnosis of chronic organophosphate poisoning in the last ten years, (I suspect may be because funding for the Poison’s Units comes from the chemical companies, this is an issue I have written about in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine which the Poison’s Units have failed to refute).


You can expect your GP to do a series of blood tests and tell you there is nothing abnormal and therefore nothing wrong.


The next step might be referral to a neurologist who again will trot out the party line – chronic chemical poisoning does not exist.


The next port of call is usually the psychiatrists who do not have a  toxicological” diagnostic pigeon hole and will squeeze you into the next nearest fit, ie chronic depression.


The treatment of this, namely anti-depressants, will make the poor sufferer worse, he will refuse to take them and be discharged as an uncooperative patient.


 The chemically poisoned person is left to sort out his life as best as he can and usually ends up with declining health.