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National Action Group

   George Wescott was badly affected while dipping 1,500 sheep in July 1988 and suffered severe health problems ever since. By August 1991 he realised he would never recover sufficiently to continue farming and relinquished tenancy of the farm 

 Despite the pain George was determined others did not suffer the same fate and set up a National Action Group to make sure fellow farmers were aware of the dangers. Its aim was to challenge the Health and Safety Executive and the official system for reporting adverse reactions to veterinary medicines, at one meeting of NAG there were far more people who had reported an adverse reaction than official statistics had recorded for the whole of the UK.


  In June 1992 MAFF abandoned its controversial policy of compulsory dipping but NAG felt it's work was only half done and continued to campaign for better recognition and treatment for all that had been affected.


 NAG newsletter August 1994


  A book detailing George's life story is awaiting publication and further details are available though the website